Custom Cloud CRM Solution

Centralizing Data with Cloud-Based CRM Solution

Services Provided

Product prototype, Graphic UI/UX, Development, Testing and quality assurance, Server Hosting, On going maintenance and. technical support.

Service Provided

Node JS, JavaScript, Adobe XD (for prototype), Digital Ocean Web services.


Company: Our client is an architectural firm based in Ireland. They build a wide variety of project types and offer a comprehensive range of full architectural, legal mapping, shadow and daylight/sunlight analysis services.

Problem Statement: Business information and data scattered across files and spreadsheets doubles the time to manage the core activities, which could have been spent making important business decisions. This was becoming a hindrance to growth for our client who has a growing business that had a large amount of data scattered throughout their organization.

CozmoTec met with the client to understand how we could best cater to their needs. After a couple of brainstorming sessions, we proposed a solution and provided them with a cloud-based CRM solution that allowed them to have all the information in a centralized platform.

With our solution, the client was able to monitor their leads, closed sales, and their customer needs at one place. This system also enables them to manage internal and external communication from a single click of a button. Due to centralization of the data, the client was now able to monitor their KPIs easily which allowed them to better strategize their business needs.

Tailored CRM Solution for Enhanced Efficiency

As part of the brainstorming session, we were able to find gaps and manual processes that could be automated to help them in reducing the errors that were caused by manual data entries and helped them in managing time more efficiently.

CozmoTec’s cloud-based CRM solution helped the client centralize their data and automate some of their processes, saving them time and reducing errors. The client was now able to make better-informed decisions and strategize their business needs more efficiently. The cloud-based CRM solution helped the client in the following ways:

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Anvesh and CozmoTec have been really helpful in the past year when it comes to any enhancements to our website or our customer portal. Their communication throughout the project has been impeccable. With the help of CozmoTec, we were able to move a lot of our customer queries online and were able to develop a very profound product that really enhanced our customer’s experience when booking new events or planning their year.

Cozmotec demonstrated a clear understanding of our business needs to build a comprehensive website that showcases all of our services, providing detailed information to our clients and prospects. We appreciate Cozmotec’s attention to detail, commitment to quality, and prompt delivery. Their professionalism, customer-centric approach and expertise has played a vital role in enhancing our online presence and client engagement.

Cuty and her team at Cozmotec have transformed the way we work. She has streamlined our processes & workflow. We had collaborative brainstorming sessions that were well structured and straightforward. Together, we have embarked on creating a new workflow portal.
It will save time, add quality and allow us to spend our valuable time on architectural design.

Cuty and her team at Cozmotec have helped improve all our processes to a great extent. Most of our work that required multiple steps has been condensed into just a couple of small clicks with the help of Automation. Cuty was extremely responsive and helped us go through complicated problems with the help of innovative and modern solutions.

Cuty and her team are very experienced and possess a wide variety of technical expertise. Over the last couple of years, Cuty has helped us develop various technological solutions that have not only helped improve our internal processes but have also improved our customer satisfaction to a great extent. With the help of Cuty, we have automated a lot of manual processes that in turn have reduced our incidents.

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